Mirrors are magical. They are an invitation for the viewer to enter the reflected space.

Useful as spatial devices, they can be placed in any room where considerations of space and placement can result in wonderful illusions.

Mirror glass comes in thicknesses of 2, 4 and 6mm. The 2mm glass can have distortions resulting in a rainbow effect in reflections. That’s what you get in cheap mirrors from department stores.

Edges can be plain (4mm thick glass) or bevelled (6mm thick glass) up to 30mm wide. Popular glass finishes are clear, smoked or antiqued.

Frames must be robust, because of the weight. We like to paint the rebate black, to eliminate reflection of any gold or silver leaf under the rim. For larger mirrors we add corner plates to strengthen the mitred joint.

The range of mouldings to suit mirrors is large, ranging from traditional ornate to ultra modern plain.

We always put a fomecore back in mirrors, to protect the reverse surface in handling and storage.

The client needs to decide on the overall size (outside of frame), glass colour and frame moulding, then

we make the frame.  At that stage the client can take the frame home to check the effect in situ.

Next we order the glass and finish the assembly.

Mirrors are notoriously difficult to photograph, so we have shown some suitable mouldings that we use.

Note also the illustration of Jonas Kaufmann as “Parsifal”. The picture is framed with art glass, and then attached to a framed smoked glass mirror. We have, in effect, used the smoked mirror as a mat.

Hangers also need to be robust because of the weight. Other considerations are:

  1. Whether the mirror is to hang in a public or private space? Consider your liability.
  2. Construction and condition of the wall.

Your hangman will recommend and choose the most responsible hanging method, be it chain, wire, split batten or mirror plates.

Mirrors make a room seem friendlier, they expand your view. With a custom made mirror, the final product is indeed unique, and well worth all the time it takes to create it.