Maps can conjure memories of your travels, or inspire your next adventure.

They can be both decorative and useful in the home or office.

Antiquarian maps are those over 100 years old. They are often printed on brittle paper, and sometimes have original hand colouring. Generally, they are very expensive. Framing treatment is specialised, and covered in our “antiquarian” section.

There are many good reproductions of early maps, often printed on cream wove paper. High quality calendars are a good low cost source of such prints.

Contemporary map prints are available on the internet ( and can be economically framed for your study, office or kids rooms.

Map prints are treated like any other poster/print. They are best dry mounted on fomecore.

Single or double mats with vee grooves and spacers are part of our tool box of options. Generally, antique map prints look best in dark mounts. Pick out a dominant colour from the map and choose a mat colour to complement it. Dark reds and greens usually work well.

White core or black core matboards can accentuate the cut bevel or vee groove. Double mats and spacers add interest.

There are lots of antique look mouldings in timber and old gold finishes available to enhance your map. Gold slips can add light to a dark timber frame.

Modern maps can look great in high tech frames.

These prints and mounts are made from paper/card, and need to be protected. Glass of various qualities or clear acrylic is recommended. Laminating, (which needs a flat surface, i.e. no mat) can protect larger modern maps, especially if they are to go in public spaces or student’s rooms.

Maps can give a room a “library” look. They can be part of your genealogy studies, or simply provide inspiration for your “bucket list”.