What do you do with that group of photos from a recent event?

Put them in a single frame with a group theme.

Events, such as a wedding, anniversary, graduation, christening, or birthday.

Holidays, your house, home renovations, boat and man-toys.

Pets, family groups, sport, retirement presentations, genealogy.

We can design a special collection for you. Mats can be made from a variety of colours. White, black or coloured core matboards will produce coloured bevels and vee grooves.

For genealogists, we can make a hinged mat so that you can add photos as you find them. If you have original photographs, they should be scanned and copied. Old originals may fade once expose to sunlight; they should be scanned and returned to acid free storage out of the light.

It’s best to bring more photos than you need. Sort them into two groups “essential” and “possible”.  As we build the design we often need to call you in to make further decisions. Please remember that, as outsiders, we evaluate the contents by their size and colour. If you have “political” considerations of “who’s in and who’s out”, please tell us at the first consultation.

All our mouldings can be used, but we help you to choose ones that are appropriate. If you want the ability to add or change photos (e.g. genealogy discoveries), we fasten the back with turnbuttons instead of tape and staples.

You should consider using art glass, which is UV filtering; since all photos will fade with time. At this stage in the technology, we don’t know how stable computer generated images are.

Notwithstanding all the above, photos should be hung away from direct sunlight, and preferably not on exterior walls which have temperature variations, and walls backing on to wet areas such as bathrooms.