Framing three dimensional objects is a specialty of Final Finish Framing.

Service medals and other awards with medals and certification are a great part of our work.

The essence of success lies in:

When designing a medals case we must consider;

  1. If access is needed.
  2. Whether we need to see both sides.
  3. Size and budget limitations.

Each frame is different and must be designed to suit your particular needs. We keep a “brag book” of our designs to give you ideas.

As a starter, have more objects than you want. It is useful for us to be able to choose shapes and colours to suit the overall build. Include photographs of the owner/wearer/winner of the goods. It makes a much more personal design.

Fixing methods should be unseen, reversible and non-damaging. We use a mix of non-staining adhesives, stitching (with fine wire or thread) or stainless screws.

Sandwiching any object or paper between sheets of glass is never recommended due to the potential of humidity damage.

No content should touch the glass and a spacing device is necessary. There are many products available and we can:

  1. Line the frame rebate with matching material.
  2. Fill the space with a slip.
  3. Use special mouldings.
  4. Build an acrylic box.

Remember that your memorabilia frame is an heirloom in waiting, and will give you and your family a lifetime of pleasure.