Framing in the third dimension is a specialty of Final Finish Framing.

An object box frame is the perfect solution to showing your collectables.

Just about any object: Records & CD’s, Christening robes, kid’s shoes & clothing, currency, dolls, fans, flags, plates , stamps, keepsakes. Keys, shells, aboriginal bark works, musical instruments, papyrus.

We work with you on a preliminary design, and then it is up to us to tweek that design as we construct the collage. It should be compact, yet show the individual items. Every box is different. Try to personalise the design by including photographs or nameplates.

Custom object box framing requires several more steps than conventional framing including attaching each item; lining the box; and creating airspace.  This needs to be reflected in the price.

Attaching methods include the use of glue, cotton, wire, Velcro, and screws. Wherever possible the method must be reversible with the least damage to the item. Backing can be coloured matboard (sometimes glued to Customwood for strength), texture or fabric finished matboard, or even clear acrylic to give that “floating” look.

A deep rebate frame is needed to keep the object(s) away from the glass. This can be extended by adding another moulding, fomecore and matching matboard, a liner or a timber strip.

The glass is held in place by the rebate liner, so the frame, glass and liner is a single piece. You may also consider using an acrylic box.

We have box-framed everything from ship’s bells to wedding veils; this is a great way to present your treasures. The attached photographs show some of our designs.